Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chicken Pooped an Egg!!! September 26th

Finally!!! The damn birds can start earning their keep. We've been waiting weeks. I think Whitey is the one laying, so far one each morning 3 days in a row. Another new development in they roost in the tree at night. We kinda just stopped locking them in the coop, but we need to get them back in before they become a coyote meal. Also we now think Buffy is a rooster. Dammit. If she he starts crowing in the morning I'm not gonna be happy. The eggs are exciting though. They have all looked different but todays was almost the size of a large store bought egg. They are still warm when I find them in the mornings.

Smitten-August 3rd

Thursday morning was rainy and grey. I was about to get in the car to go to work when I heard a meow. A tiny grey kitten was tucked into my front tire well.After about 10 minutes of fighting her to get her out I won. Surprisingly Tony seemed to want to keep her. I was unsure because I didn't want it to affect the boys (a forewarning I should have taken) but we ended up keeping her. Tony named her Nora, but we have many other names for her including snora, smitten, smitty, and scooby.

Nova Scotia-July 24th-Aug 1st

Tony, Mom, and I went up tp Nova Scotia for a week at the end of July. Lots of time in the car........ but all in all a good trip. The cabin certainly wasn't in good shape, but hey, it was still standing. Here are a few pics, I'll have to get some others from mom.
Whats up with the gnome you ask??? I think my mother is going crazy, but it was funny.