Friday, January 27, 2012

Month 17 (draft)


I know I keep on saying this, but this was my favorite month with you so far. You are so much fun and have such a personality. You are really funny and will intentionally do things to make us laugh. You are also very strong willed and make it quite clear when you are frustrated or mad. The expressions you make are priceless.

This month was another month of major learning leaps... many which are making it more and more clear that you are becoming a 'big boy'. New words this past month include: "snow, draw, juice, door, pasta, ya ya ya (yes), and nap". You now sign 'eat' when you are hungry or when you see the cats eating their food. You also learned the sign for 'help'. I was amazed that it only took about 3 days for you to learn this one. That brings your sign language up to: help, more, all done, milk, please, eat, and thank you.

You became obsessed with Leap Frog learning DVDs this month. In particular the Letter Factory and Word Factory. You would watch them over and over again as many times as we would let you. When the show end you very adamantly sign 'more, more, please, please, please."The big positive of this is that you have learned to recognize every letter, you know all of the sounds each letter makes, and can make them when we point to them. Your favorite letter sounds are the H, B, and W. We practice with the letters on the fridge and by writing them on the whiteboard calendar (another new obsession of yours). You make multiple requests to 'draw' on the calendar with markers every day.

You like to draw, not only on the white board but in coloring book and on you giant pad of paper. The cutest thing is that you lay down to draw , often resting your head on your arm.

Walking backwards is pretty cool in your mind. You like to do it when coming to sit in our lap or until you are backed up into a wall. Your 'jumping' has also improved this past month. You don't quite get off the ground, but I think you are close.

You do great with eating and have little trouble using a fork or spoon (even adult sized ones). You absolutely love pasta, grapes and Ritz crackers. 'Pops' (frozen yogurt) have also been a huge hit this past month. That is probably because it feels good on all of the new teeth you are getting. Your 3rd bottom tooth broke through at the beginning of the month only to be quickly followed by 3 one year molars. It has certainly been uncomfortable for you, but overall you haven't been too fussy because of it. That doubled the amount of teeth you had from 4 to 8!

playing in tunnel
looking around (where is it)
mimicking everything
nail polish
helping with firewood
singing at school
one nap