Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chick 1 and Chick 2

The chicks are getting big. I think they will be bigger than all of our other hens. Still not sure of genders on these two, we have been guessing one hen and one rooster, but we will have to wait and see ( or hear the crow). They have not only develped blue iridescent feathers but have also gotten some pretty reddish orange feathers as well. They color will still develop for another month or so. Jezebel, the brown easter egger, has molted and her plummage grew back in quite nice but interestingly enough a lighter shade of brown than she was before. The weather has been cold and is staying cold. We are back to having to thaw out the water bowls for the chickens and bunny bottles as well.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Clorox Crack Cats

Whenever I mop the floor I use a very mild bleach and water solution. For some reason the cats have to roll around on the wet floor when i am mopping. They go nuts. Then they lick themselves. How bad is this? I try to lock them out while I am mopping but with 7 of them it is difficult. My little damaged kitties aren't too bright.
Mama doobie cheking in on her tards.

Ty's buzzed.
Bodhi trying to play it all cool. Nope, I wasn;t just doing what they are doing.
Lickin' bleach is cool.

After getting all buzzed off of the clorox-y goodness, Ty and Cy ventured into the couch crack to come down from their highs.

Orange you glad your waters clear

Our water turned super orange on Wednesday. I am talking rusty Sunkist soda orange. Thick orange. And our water pressure went caca ( is caca spelled caca or kaka?).So...... I cut a hole in the wall in our newly painted bathroom so that i could get to the water tank. Unfortuantely the way our washer and dryer are set in and the way I built that wall, this was the only means to getting to the bottom of the tank. In came the hose and after both myself and tony draining the tank a couple times, our water seems to be mostly back to normal. There was some floaty crud and sediment in out faucet filters so I am hoping that some of the stuff in the bottom of the tank just got stirred up and the problem is solved.
Sorry no pics of the water when it was nuclear orange. I was in a state of panic and didn;t think to take a pic. O, and that hole in the wall is now even bigger.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Earl's Apartment

My blog has not been allowing me to post pics for days now. I've decided to try again though.

Here is Earl's booze collection. He did not drink a drop though, just bought a bottle everytime he went to the grocery store.
I stacked those Dalwhinnie's in the window to count them. I think there was close to 40. There are also about 40 bottles of Moet, and 40 bottles of Remy Martin. Then there are about 60 other assorted bottles.

Just SOME of Earl's papers.
We have been emptying his place of the valuables (in case anyone missed it, his wife and daughter told us to keep everything in the place) and piling them up here. We plan to sell as much as we can on ebay or anywhere else. This is what our house is looking like now since it has become a warehouse. The piles of dusty mess include, Viking cookware, emile henry ceramics, Denby ceramics. Waterford crystal, Booze, Linhof camera and equipment, Rollei camera and equipment, Rollei projector, Lintz and Zeiss binoculars, Orvis clothing (new), LLBean clothing (new), tons of books, and oh so much dust.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Sorry for the long delay in posts. Our elderly tenant at the apartment house passes away last week. Earl is one very long story and I am not going to get into all of it on here. His wife and daughter came up to look over his apartment and told us we could keep everything. EVERYTHING. And so begins my long list of our new acquisitions; most of which we will be attempting to sell off on ebay.

First, the status of the apartment. This is after removing 2 full loads. The bathroom in his place is horrendous and we are going to have to gut it. Note all of the yellow envelopes/notebooks. Those are Earls writings on chemical engineering or something like that. Each one is meticulous and numbered, they go over 2000 packets (over 15,000 pages). They are stacked everywhere in his apartment and we were told to just throw them out. I feel horrible about that.