Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Month 13 (draft)

Elijah.... you are officially past Mama dressing you in onesies with monthly numbers on them! Sure, I could have continued making them but I guess I just decided not to.

You have really morphed into a big boy this past month. You are so close to being an official walker. You can take about 8-10 steps before you crash... and you are getting better at sitting yourself down before you actually fall.

We went on our annual apple picking trip, this year with Aunt D, Uncle Matt, Chris, Jen, your cousin Rori, and Grampy. You rode in the wagon, 'helped' push it, and loved eating the apples. You also got a taste of your first cider donuts.

You also began attending daycare 'fulltime' this past month. You go from about 11:00-3:00 Monday through Friday. It took about 3 weeks for you to really adjust to it. You would cry everytime Papa would go to leave and on and off throughout the entire day for the first few weeks. You also refused to nap and wouldn't eat much for lunch. Papa would try to stay with you for a bit before he had to leave and Mama would hang out for a while when she picked you up in hopes of helping you adjust better.

sleeping in stroller


You had your second official haircut. It took Mama and Papa about 3 or 4 days to get the job done, but between scissors and then clippers it came out pretty good. You were not impressed with the clippers at first, but managed to put up with it long enough for us to get you all evened out.

new teeth


fryeburg fair