Monday, January 29, 2007

Rooster recovery

Buffy/Bludo, while not looking worse, still looks the same. He has been outside with the girls for several days now. The first couple day we kept him in there with the heat lamp on, but now we let him out in the morning. His comb may heal, but he is definitely going to loose some of his waddle. It is dried out and folded over. We have been applying bag balm to it at night to try and help a little. I feed everyone warm oatmeal in the mornings, sometimes with scrambled eggs, flax oil, or bird seed mixed in to warm them up a bit. They love to go through the food scraps we through in the compost pile. We are still getting 6 eggs a day, so they must be healthy enough. The biggest issue is keeping their water from freezing. Several times a day i replace their frozen water with warm water.


Round two on new subaru issues. Yes, it overheated again. Once again on the coldest day of the year (this time it was about -20 with the windchill). After leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning, working my job at the high school in windham, then working at the fish store in westbrook, then going into portland to drop off an invoice and fish food, then to scarborough to drop off a fish, and then to saco for a service car decides to overheat when I am about a half hour from home (its now 7:30 pm). So skip all the bull inbetween and my car is back at the dealership, awaiting it's sentence. Either another repair of a new car (I think this is what is the problem after doing some research .... don't ask how that will go down. But regardless, I missed work on Saturday bc of this, and now I missed a chance to sub today, partly because i don't have a car, but also bc tony didn't know what the phone calls we for and didn't wake me up (it's an automated system to call in substitute teachers). So i sit at home, not making money we so desperately need and waiting for afternoon to come so I can find out about my car. Hopefully I have it or something to drive bc I have work at the high school in the morning.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First day of work....

So I had my first day of school ysterday. The alarm went off at 5:45 and the rooster decided to help me wake up as well. Of course it had snowed overnight and ws still spit some more flakes so I decided to leave the house extra early (6:30 to be there for 7:30). Good thing i did because the roads were not so nice., about halfway to work, i switch radio stations only to hear the the only 2 delays in the whole state happen to include windham. School was delayed for 2 hours. Now.. I am halfway there, and as much as i want to, i decide not to go home as to avoid prolonged driving a la snow. I opt to go to the school, and try to figure out what will become of my first day, seeing as my shift is 7:30-11:30 and school won't start til 9:30. Get there and no-one is there. hmph. So I go to walmart for an hour. Moms favorite store. Bought some car moats for the subaru and a notebook. The I sat in a few parking lots for a while. Inschool ending up going forward, I was there 9:30 to 12:00. Five kids in the room, all of whom said and did nothing. It was very boring, but whatever. All in all this job will be very easy.... if only it was more hours. You need 30 hours for benefits, which are paid 100% by the school if it is just individual coverage (medical and dental). I do however get a retirement plan, and can contribute funds to it which they will match, and life insurance (which i don't really care so much for now, but supposedly signing onto it now will make the process much easier). I am also signed up to be a sub and hopefully do some tutoring as well. I did all the paperwork for this job yesterday, it took over an hour. and i have more i have to do at home and bring back. perhaps this is because i finally have a real job (eh, sort of).

Tony threw the rooster back outside. While it is nice and quiet in here finally, he isn't ready to be back out.

We got propane, and have to pay a not so small fee to get them to come out sooner b/c they were booked through next week. Good thing though because is supposed to be in the negative digits on friday.

I leave you with a pic scooby nora dooby.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Note to Self:
check propane levels more frequently. please and thank you.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


no snow

chickens first now. (we aint going out there)

scoobies first snow ( i wanna go out there)
my first handspun yarn from the bunnies

Not off to such a great start

So much for 07 being my year....

My poor little honda has had its last hoorah. Yes thats right, I finally drove it into the ground and the its now the little engine that couldn't. Bank turned me down for a car loan, mainly because I am a loser but also due to a high debt to income ratio(refer back to no-one wanted to hire me).Needless,Tony came to the recuse and we were able to get a loan. More debt is all we need. Here is my new mobile. It is a 98 Subaru Forester. (Soccer mom my ass)

Sooooo....... new used car, yeah!!! Well because my middle name is shit for luck, 4 days after purchasing my new car it decides to no longer produce heat and have the engine overheat. O yes, and this happened to be the day it was -10,,,,,, an OH YAH, it happened to be 7:30 in the morning when i was on the way to a job interview. Ass. I called in interviewer to let her know what was going on only to get her voicemail. So after having to pull over every 5-10 minutes to let the engine cool down, and sitting in a freezing cold car, I piddled my way into my interview 20 minutes late, only to hear my message being played in the office as i walked in (i sound like a man on the phone). Great first impression...... so any interview wraps up, I call the dealer, only to be told, even if the problem is something covered by warrenty, it is still up to me to get it there. I am in Windham. Dealer is in Norway. Fuckers. (... its and hour drive). So i call triple A for the second time in a week. An hour later (again waiting in a car with no heat, temp was up to 6 though), my 360 lb tow truck driver shows up. A lovely $100 tow trip and 2 hours later, my car was fixed (for free thank piss). I'll tell you about the engine light being on some other time.

(o i got the job by the way regardless of bing late, more on that later)

Sooo..... Buffy, aka Bludo our rooster has frostbite.

See the black on his comb and waddle. Thats bad. His feet are really red too. He kepps picking on leg up and tucking it into his feathers. Potentially his comb and waddle could fall off where it is black. I read a story about a rooster who lost both its feet to frostbite (its still alive). So.........Buffy is spending some time with us, IN THE HOUSE. WTF. we have a ghetto pen built for him in fromt of the woodstove.Christ, what have i become. I'll tell you about the warm chicken casserole i feed the hens another time.

Speaking of our house being turned into a barn, the rabbits are indoors for the time being. The screened porch is just not cuttin it. Yes they have big fur coats, but their water freezes in about 2 hours and their metal cages aren't so pleasant.

The sunroom is now the lizard fish rabbit room.
Here is bunny (aka hagrid) very furry (where are your eyeballs) with a carrot stained chin.

Yes, I am gay.... I call him bunny and the girl who has no real name I call bunbun. That its, Im calling it a nite.

O and i ate feta tonight. lets see what happens.

Monday, January 01, 2007

ThanksGiving was over a month ago.

Thanksgiving was spent down in Ct. It was a long time ago and I don't remember much. I know I went a bit crazy on the baking and cooking before we left though.

Return of the Jedi

I am back. But only for a short time. It seems that when someone offers to do you taxes for you as a friend for free, this translates to i will do you taxes for you sometime over the span of the next year. My accountant still has not finished said taxes, even though he had my computer for about a month. He gave it back a week ago cause he was going to disney, but now he wants he back again. So I have lots to update, thanksgiving, xmas, new years, all that crapola. Also updates on shitty jobs, running out on leases, job searches, and that sort.