Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Month 8 (draft)

 Happy 8 months Elijah!
Mama almost missed this could I.

April was a busy month for us. Papa started a new job working in the I.T. department of the bank. This meant he had to be trained and would no longer be home all morning to watch you. Mama refuses to go the daycare route out here in the boonies so thankfully it was Grandma to the rescue. Your Grandma made the trip up to Maine and watched you during the day both the week before and after my April vacation from school. You've done really well with the changes. It took a couple of days for you to really warm up to Grandma, and there is some crying when Mama or Papa leave in the mornings, but you quickly adjust and happily play with Grandma.

We've gone backwards in the sleep department this month. For some reason you spent about two weeks waking up at 4:30 in the morning ready to go. Most mornings it took about an hour or two to get you back to sleep. While you have stopped doing that this past week, you are still waking up a couples times during the night which you hadn't done in quite a while. And needless to say you are still sleeping in the bed with us. I had every intention to try the crib out again during April vacation but unfortunately we all came down with a nasty cold. You were very congested and coughing a lot, so I was much more comfortable having you in the bed next to me so I could keep an eye on you. You are also waking up earlier now that Papa gets up for work in the mornings. Instead of getting up around 7:30, it is now 6:30.........including on the weekends.  :{

You are an eating machine and love just about any baby food we give you. Your favorites seem to be banana, apricots, apple/mango/kiwi, and peas. You are also eating Mum Mums and just within this past week yogurt. We feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner now.

You still have just two teeth. We've been wondering if your top teeth will be breaking through soon as you have been a bit more fussy/drooly lately. Once they do come in you will be dangerous! You bite hurts pretty bad already so I can only imagine.

We are working hard to encourage you to crawl. If we put you on your hands and knees you will hold yourself up for a minute and then quickly roll onto you back. All you really want to do is walk. You do a great job getting around if we hold your arms and let you "walk" around. You haven't pulled yourself up to standing on any of the furniture yet, be will do it if Mama or Papa offer you our hands.

Papa might not agree but I swear you have a first word.  MEOW! You love our kitties and meow or screech when you see them. So cute.

The car can still be a challenge. Some days you throw a fit in your carseat. If someone is there to ride with you and entertain you in the back seat you are fine, but not so much when you are on your own.