Sunday, March 27, 2011

Month 7 (draft)

My sweet boy-

Happy 7th month Elijah! What a month of milestone March has been. 

Look close
You brought in the month with what we thought was your first real cold; runny nose and a cough. I think what it really had to do with was the fact that your first tooth was making it's way out. Your first tooth (bottom left) showed up in March 2nd. You did pretty well with it, only being a little fussy. 
We gave you lots of frozen sweet potato ice cubes in a mesh feeder to help ease the discomfort. You loved them and would show your approval at the first sight of them. The second tooth was quick to follow, breaking through on March 7th. So far you have been pretty good about not biting mama, though you still try to chomp down on my fingers. I know I used to let you do that all the time, but now it really hurts.
Two teeth!

You're sitting up on your own like a champ now. We still have to stay near by to catch you when you tip over, but you can easily go 5-10 minutes unsupported. be continued...............