Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa.I need a Job.

It's a rainy dreary Saturday morning here so I am thinking about going into work for a few hours at Aquatics.I am pretty sure that I have decided to kaput the aquarium service company. I am hoping that Bill at Aquatics will take over some of the accounts, in the past they had said they would do that and pay me a fee every month that they still do the account. I am sick of the long commute to get to these tanks and I am more so sick of the constant stress and worry I feel about some of them. The problem is I have become friends with all of my customers and I feel somewhat indebted to them and the money I make doing this is pretty good. But the decision at the moment is come the end of the summer I am done. The first two to go will be the residential tank on the wharf and Saporros restaurant. I enjoy doing Scaraborough and Pownal biweekly, and I have an account in Saco that I do per diem as well as an account in Poland per diem. But those two may go. My business insurance runs out in October and I am not going to renew so that will be then end I guess. I also put my own tank up for sale.
mine, poland, wharf, sorry crappy phone photos.

Meanwhile I have been looking for a summer job seeing as my job at the school ends at the end of May (oh,by the way I have an interview next Tuesday about going full time next year at Windham). I applied to this job in Bridgton which is only about 15 minutes away. And I just saw this listing last night and got really excited about it and applied. The deckhand job is in Portland though, about an hour away, but to get back on a boat, i think i would do it. I am also going to be working part time for one of my service accounts who own a retail store in the old port and this. They need help tracking inventory and shipping packages for own line orders.........not exactly the type of job I am looking for, but the owners are good friends of mine so I am happy to help them.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Free Healthcare Sucks

I spent 6 hours at First Care Emergency room yesterday. I have had a headache for 2 weeks accompanied by eye pain, floaters in my right eye, and ear pain. Two days ago my vision in my right eye started to be horrible and i felt like major kaka, so I went into get checked out yesterday. It took 6 hours. They freaked me out like I had a tumor or something, gave me blood tests, urine tests, and CAT scans and then made me wait in my room made of curtains. Curtains do not block the sounds of your neighboring rooms like real walls might. I got to lister as the doctor told my old man neighbor that he was going to be given a rectal exam, and I was there to hear him say, bring your knees up a little further. I got to lay in that damn bed with my head feeling like it was going to explode from pain as a little girl that got her hand caught in a treadmill screamed. I heard the guy talk about how something fell on his head and he lost feeling in his arms. Then as I was waiting for my CAT scan, I got to talk to a really nice woman who had just had a historectomy cause they thought she had cancer, which it wasn't and she was all set to go home, then got really sick and now they think they might have abrupted her intestines or colon. And i got to sit with her as the nurse tortured her trying to get an iv in her arm. Anyways, i dont have a tumor, its just migranes

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy birthday!

The kittens are 2 weeks old today. Everyone has their eyes open and they are starting to be pretty mobile. Cyclops is thealmost advanced and little doobie seems to be the slow one of the group. Tyrone is the cry baby, Monkey likes to wrestle, and Big Black is the laid back loner. Big black and little doobie both has extra thunbs too.Here are a couple not so good pictures. The damn things dont stay still long enough to take good photos.
The girls (monkey & doobie)
The boys ( pretty hard to tell them all apart. Big has the double paws, tryone has a little white on his belly and chest, and cylops is all black).

Good Moodoo to you

The weather has been excellent for the last few days. So nice in fact I have a pretty sore sunburn on my back and arms. We have been busy trying to get the yard cleaned up and the gardens tilled. Only problem is our rototiller doesn't want to work and i am impatient. We need to bring it in to get repaired, but i have a feeling I will have hand turned everything by then. I've got close to 400lbs of cow, bunny, chicken manure and peat ready to add.Most of the seedling sare growing indorrs. I still have a few to plant.

So far we have snow peas, snap peas, spinach, parseley, basil, Roma & Steak tomotoes, lemon cucumbers, blue lake beans, cheroke yellow wax beans, and purple queen beans, carrots, chives, and lavender . I also have some potatoes that we never used that i think i will try to grow. I wanted to do pumpkins, but it might be too late. I also still want some squash and melons, asparagus, and lettuce.

front flower garden, yes that is still snow!
back flower garden, partially tilled

Side vegetable garden. I think i will do the root veggies here. There are already onions and chives growing here, as well as some mint i think, plus we will need to enclose this one to keep the chickens out (you can see the coup in the background).

Back vegetable garden. This garden is way back by the pond. We didn't touch it last summer so as you can see it is pretty over run with weeds (this is after i raked it). There were a few big rhubarbs here last summer as well as a stawberrry patch, so I will try to keep those.
I also need to clean up behin the garage. We have some blackberries growing wild there. I trying to learn how to cultivate them and would like to get them on a trellis. I saw some gold raspberries at lowes the other day that I would love to mix in with these blackberries.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Flooding and cyclops

The rain just won't stop. Roads all around us are closed due to flooding. The water is washing out the dirt under and on the sides of the roads, so huge chunks are breaking off and leaving 4-5 foot gullies. JR and Alicia's driveway (which is about a mile) is completely washed out and they are stranded in their house. Besides one leak that was dripping onto our on demand water heater and the now raging river in our backyard, we are doing fine.
In kitten news, Shaniqua has grown a pair of balls, and is the first to begin opening his eyes. We now call him cyclops ( and this is my new favorite picture of all time).

Well it snowed again, lots of downed limbs and power lines around the area, we didn't
have any big problems here, except for a few leaks from the
ceilings that we need to patch up.
Bout a foot and a half of snow over the last couple days, but started raining. Lots. The snow is melting and we have a running river where our little creek usually is. Its gonna be a muddy may.

The babies are a week old today. Nora has decided to move them around for the last few nights. That included bringing two of them in the bed while we were in there sleeping. She brought monkey under the covers with me, so I had to sit her down and tell her that this is not a good place for her babies. Thats monkey and tyrone in the first picture, little doobie and monkey in the second.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here are Doobies babies at a day and a half. I think their pictures are in order of the oldest to the youngest.

Big Black Monkey Lil Doobie
Blackie (aka Tyrone)
Baby Blackie(aka Shaniqua)
And no, the names aren't permanant, yet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Scooby Pooped Em!

Nora had her babies last night without any complications. I'll post more later but here is a quick pic of them today. She had 5 in all, 3 solid black, one mini version of her, and one dark grey version of her. Wait until you see the birthing photos, nasty stuff!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


So remember how I was just saying that the snow was almost all melted. Well yesterday morning was so unpleasantly awoken by the sounds of the plow trucks, and once again we got over a foot of snow. Hmpph>

I need to start shoveling as I am already late for my service accounts. (This entire post was written with a very fat Nora on my lap biting my fingers as I typed because she is being very needy)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Update on the Groceries

Well, we have improved. I'm sure we can still do better, but we have gone from spending $419.56 on groceries in the month of January to $272.00 in February, and then down again to $251.23 in March. While I may be making more than the two trips a month I was originally alloting myself, I have been writing lists and trying to preplan meals. It seems to help. Now i just need to make sure I remember the lists and coupons next time I go to hannafords.