Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News....the snow is finally starting to melt and I can see some small patches of grass and garden. I finally managed to start a few seeds today, leeks, beets, brocolli, kale, bok choi, and pansies. I still have a lot more to get planted and am frustrated to be getting a late start once again this year.

Bad News....I have been working ALOT. I guess part of these could be good because we can really use the money especially due to the potential of real bad head gasket may need to be replaced (AGAIN!) in the subaru at the tune of $1200. We don't have that money and the car is barely worth much more than that....fingers crossed it is just a thermostat or something else affordable.

The new job is going well aside from working a lot more hours than I anticipated. I am working as an environmental services aides which is a fancy name for a cleaning lady. I don't mind the work though and am learning a lot about the hospital. I have met a lot of great nurses and hope that this job will lead to something more (nursing or lab work). I've had several compliments about being a good worker and hope to make a good name for myself there. It is a small hospital and the staff seem like a close knit group. There are tuition reimbursement incentives and the hospital has its own nursing program.
My class is a week and a half away from being over. It has been tough keeping up, having to do my homework when I get in around midnight, however, I am still maintaining an A. Looking forward to it being over, but that will be short lived, as I think I am signing up for a 3 week course at the end of April. Once I complete that I will have my conditional certificate in Special Ed and my chance to teach our summer school program.
Time to run... finally get a night to watch one of my favorite shows and then its bedtime.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Still alive......I PROMISE to post this weekend. Have been working 67 hour weeks for the last two, should calm down a bit now that I am trained though. I got home from work just a few minutes ago, went to wash my hands, and squeezed toothpaste into my palm instead of soap. Whoops. That is the state I have been in for a few days now, but overall I have felt surprisingly good and am enjoying the new job. Two more weeks of my class left...can't wait to be done.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts.....I have been uber busy. Am taking my second online grad class in Special Ed Methods and just started a second job today. Working as an environmental services aide (glorified cleaning lady) at the hospital. 7am-2:30pm at school today, then 3pm-11:30 pm at the hospital.....Its midnight, I just got in feed the kitties, am eating a bowl of cereal, checking in on my online classroom discussions, taking a shower, and then crashing hard. I am working trough Saturday, but will try to post more on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


We have no food in our fridge this week except eggs, olives, and condiments. Luckily the girls are laying more eggs each day, so breakfast for dinner can continue. With the increasing daylight, we are back up to 5 eggs a day. We have 11 hens, not including the guineas. Mostly getting browns, but every couple days one of the ameracanas will lay a pretty green one for us.