Thursday, July 28, 2011

Month 11 (draft)

Little Boy-
Happy 11 months! I absolutely cannot believe that you will be a year old next month.  The time has flown by and my sweet little baby boy is turning into a sweet little toddler. 
You continue to be more and more fun each month. This past month is no exception. You are really beginning to understand things these days and love learning. Books are still fantastic in your eyes. We read several books every night and you will often flip through books on your own during the day. You are excellent at turning pages and lifting the flap in peek a boo books. You especially love books when we point to pictures and tell you what they are. You can say Mama, Papa, Bobo and Ah (for Thera-cats), out, hot, meow, bok bok (chickens),  ball and bye bye. The last few aren't super clear to make out, but they are pretty good. You understand so many words now and point to things when we say 'where is ____'. We can ask and have you point to outside, kitty cats, puppy dogs, fish, trees, lights, fans, mama, papa, grandma, grandpa, grampy, your aunties, babies, chickens, cars, trucks, the mail, spoon, cup, book, certain toys (dragon, seahorse, animals (your mobile), crib, window, door, water, tub, your diaper, mouth, eye, hair, belly..... I'm sure there is more.