Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Months

Two months already. Once again time is moving at warp speed. Month two started out a bit more challenging. At 3 weeks old you started to become a bit more fussy. This continued through about week 6. You caught the evening bug like your brother had around this age...however yours wasn't quite as bad. You would get really fussy from about 7 or 8 until about 10. Not much worked to help other than walking you around or bouncing you. It did make bedtime for Eli extremely challenging. This was some f the first real mama guilt I have felt since becoming a mama of two. Your brother really lost on our normal bedtime routine. Things have calmed down quite a bit now.  You seem to want to have a bedtime around 7 or 7:30..... However when that doesn't happen you usually won't go down until about .10 or 11.

From week7-9 naps have not been so great. You are taking a lot of short naps and don't really seem to want to stay asleep unless you are either laying on us on in the sling. During you first ,onto you easily fell asleep i your swing...now not so much.

You celebrated turning 2 months old by having some major meltdowns that day. Screaming at the top of your lungs like there was something seriously wrong... when I think all it was was an overtired baby girl. Regardless it was a long day for you and me both.

You continue to mostly hate the car....though I have found that swaddling you in the car seat seems to help a little bit. W also bought a sleep sheep to play some white noise for you....don't know if it helps or not. At 6 weeks old you made your first trip down to Connecticut to visit mamas family and celebrate Eli's third birthday. The ride down took about 6 hours....instead of the typical 4. I thnl we stopped 3 or 4 times. The ride home however was hellish, remiscient to your brothers first ride back hem from Connecticut. His ride took us 8 hours.... You topped that at 9. Papa rode in the back with you as mama felt like nothing she did back there helped you.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

One month

One month Nina you have been a sweet sweet baby this first month of your life. So far you have been pretty easy,,,, which is nice because I was a bit terrified right after your birth by your crying..... Loudly..... For about 40 minutes.... Afraid that was a sign of things to come. While you still. Have an amazingly loud cry... You really don't use it all that often. You sleep a ton Don't like nursing on the right side or in any position other than the cradle hold Thrush Poop and spit up all over papa and grandma Roll over Lots of smiles that we think aren't just gas. Do it when papa makes noises Like it when we sing. To you ... Including Eli singing I've been working on the railroad Sleep in bed with us most of the night though you often start in the pack and play and nap in the swing, Bottom lip quivers a lot Not a huge fan of the car seat Almost out of newborn clothes and wearing either newborn or size 1diapers Off for a couple of days around 3 week growth spurt.... Awake often and attached to the boob. Nurses on one side only most of the time. Acne started right around 4 weeks. Sneezes and hiccups a ton