Friday, May 27, 2011

Month 9 (draft)

Happy number 9 my boy!

What a fun, fun month this has been with you. You have such a great little personality and have been learning all sorts of new tricks.

You surprised Mama on her first Mother's Day by waving hello to her for you first time.  I was so impressed. It was pretty funny how beside myself it made me feel. I kept saying to Papa "that was so cool". I was so proud of you and look forward to feeling this over and over as you grow and accomplish new feats. You are getting pretty good about waving when we tell you to say hi or bye bye.

This past month you also learned how to clap and will do it when we say clap. Sometimes you do it own your own accord. There have been several times that you do it after waving and we say 'good job'.... we join in and applaud with you.

 The weather is finally turning nice so we have been spending more time outside. You love to go out and get excited everytime we step out the front door. You will kick you feet and make cute little squeals.

You know how to pet the kitty and understand what that means when we say it. Thera has really taken to you and will come up to you and put his head down so you can 'pet' him. This typically looks more like you beating him and pulling out some fur but he loves it none the less.

You still love to eat and often try to get food off of Mama or Papa's plate. We do give you some bites of grown up food sometimes, such as mashed potatoes or rice. You love to feed yourself the few finger foods we have given you which mainly consists of puffs (sweet potato, banana, or kale), yogurt melts,  and Mum Mums. I am pretty sure you could handle some other stuff but I am still pretty nervous about you choking.