Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cod, It's What for Dinner.

Dinner courtesy of one of my customers who is a Maine fishing guide.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Side Veggie Garden

Here are some pictures of the side vegetable garden. It is hard to photograph because of the fencing that surrounds it. The big center patch is lemon cucumbers, nasturshums (sp.?), and buried in back is some rhubard and chives. I planted way too many cukes and will need to learn how to make pickles and relish and any other cucumber products.
First Lemon Cucumber.

The right section is just carrots. I keep meaning to plant another row for a late harvest. These guys are huge. Behind them are the purple, yellow, and green beans. The tall climbing beans are scarlet runner beans. They make giant pods.

The left section is onions, and was formerely lettuce. The lettuce did terrible in this garden and was thriving in the back garden so I pulled it all up and planted some watermelons in its place. I got them in the gound really late in the season, but so far they seem to be growing very well. Behind the onions are snow peas and snap peas. These are so great in this garden but are great out back.

Watermelon, lettuce, onions.
What the hell is this scraggily looking flower. Some kind of coneflower maybe?
Hostas are in bloom behind the porch.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whats Meltin'

Tonite we made a trip to the grocery store just to buy ice cream. It is the one thing i haven't really dared to try eating since getting over lactose intollerance or my made up affliction according to my father. Well i just remembered we bought it and excitedly headed off to try some when tony asked me if i put it in the freezer when we got home. We got home about 2 hours ago. And no I didn't put it in the freezer.

What Doin'

Well, besides not getting hired for yet another job we have begun more projects around the house. Here is the current state of our bathroom. We ripped out the floors and the sink to prepare it to lay some slate tile. The floors were nasty with mold underneath but now it is so fresh and so clean.

We both agree that we want to lay the tile on an angle so they are diamonds instead of squares, but im not sure if i want them not staggered or staggered. I am leaning towards staggered. Any opinions?

We ripped out the rug in the living room a couple weeks ago. While we are going to live with cement floors for a while, we did purchase an area rug. Here are some pics of the living room right now. I dont have a great pic of the new rug, and stuff is all over the place from moving it in today, but you will get the idea.
Next is getting or making some slipcovers for the chair and couch I got from Gram, as I don't think the floral pattern goes with the new rug so well. And I'm not much of a floral girl.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back By the Pond

I found these lillies hidden in the sticks so i did a major mowdown.

Nora likes to accompany me back at the pond.
The day lillies go all the way around the pond. There are easily 50 plants and most of the lillies stand about 4 feet tall.

The back veggie garden . Needs to be weeded but is doing very well. There are 9 very healthy tomato plants (romas and beefsteaks), 2 rows of carrots (the carrots in the font garden are doing better than these), 3 summer squash plants, a strawberry patch, dwarf snap and snow peas (better in back than the front), a trio of bush beans, some lemon cucumbers (much better in front), 4 basil plants, and then a giant plant that i have let grow to see hwat it does. It is some kind of weed.

Butterhead Lettuce is going nuts out back. It did horrible in the front vegetable garden. We can keep up with eating it so the rabbits have been getting a good share.
Summer squash in bloom. I was really behind on getting these started.

The Yard

Front of back garden.
Back of back garden.
Here are a few quick pics from around the yard this morning. The lillies are in bloom, as well as the hostas, black eyed susans, hollyhocks, shasta daisies, and sedum. I have been mulching the gardens with the contents we cleaned out of the chicken coop last year and some hay in the vegetable gardens. I still need to do a lot of weeding though.

I'm not sure what these little white flowers are.

nor do i know the name of this yellow one. . ID please. ID please.

ID please. These i want to move to the border garden after they bloom.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


About time you posted a comment about me not posting. Took you long enough. I have been busy, and not in the mood, and i didnt have any batteries for my camera and i dont like to post without pictures cause it is boring. and i like run on sentences can you tell?

So, let me tell you about a little thing people call luck. and the lack of it i have. every single time a little extra money comes my way, something happens that costs me money to fix. AND, once again, i have yet another car problem. This time my fan has died. The one that blows on your radiator or something like that to keep you car cool. The one that really comes in handy when you are driving in the middle of bum fuck maine cause your hick self has decided to go see some farms in the country cause it is Maine Open Farm Day. Ya, its that little fan that when it dies, some old marlboro man (thank god) comes to save the day while you sit sweltering in your car on the side of the road swearing at the damn AAA lady who is not helping you. He told me what the problem was, cut through the wire so that my fan which was still spinning but not in the compartment it should have been would not explode into pieces and fly into my engine (or something like that). So.... with this little fan gone, you car will potentially over heat, soooooooo...........you have to drive home with you heat on high in 80 degree weather.

Oh and once again, just like last time, this happened just before my interview with inland fisheries (yes i made it there regardless) . So, my car is in the shop, again. Here are some random pictures including some of the alpaca farms i went to .

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Old Nora Returns

Nora had her 1st unsupervised day out yesterday since her surgery. This is what she was prancing around with. She then proceeded to eat its head off. Guess she will be putting weight back on soon.

Will work for work.

So, the job hunt continues. Here are the current stats:
1)Windham Study Hall Ed. Tech III-Didn't get the job but was rehired for my part time gig
2)Poland H.S. Science Teacher-never got a call
3)Poland M.S. Science Teacher-never got a call
4)Fryeburg Ed. Tech III-I have to call to see if they have started to review my app. yet
5)Raymond Library Ed. Tech- I have to call to see if they have started to review
6)Oxford Study Hall Ed Tech. II- I called, they havent started to review yet
7)Bridgton Library Assistant-Had 1st 2 interviews, waiting to hear back about a possible 3rd
8)Inland Fisheries Fish Culturist-received post card saying expect a call, still expecting
9)Casco Library Ed Tech- sending in application on Monday
10)Casco Elementary Ed Tech- sending out application on Monday

I feel like I have sent out a lot more than that, and probably have. Money is super tight this month so I really need to find something. Broke down the fish tank this morning to sell it off, deferred my school loans for a couple months (i qualified for economic hardship deferment), we are talking to a real estate agent about selling off the apartment building and may have to do a short sale, i canceled cable but they didn't do it right and our new bill went up .60 cents even though i turned in the cable box.
Something has to happen (hopefully good).

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Adopt Us!!!

Ty, Doobie, Biggie, Cy, and Monkey.

The babies need homes. Our friends backed out of taking Doobie and Ty (which is absolute crap). We are going to keep Monkey and Cy but Doobie, Ty, and Biggie need homes.

Doobie and Ty need a home they can go to together. They sleep and play together all of the time and are not the type of cats that want to be an only child. Doobie is by far the sweetest and smartest cat out of the group. She has an extra thumb on both front feet and talks a lot.

Ty is very playful and can be a bit shy. He loves attention and to be pet, but he very much decides when he will let you. He is all black and has 3 white spots on his belly and chest. (These aren't the best pictures of him, he is quick and blurs most of his photos).

Biggie also has double paws. She is a purring machine and loves to sit on your lap. She is super soft and has one white spot in her chest. Her eyes are very yellow. She is much more independent and acually seems to hang with the adult cats more than the kittens. She often sleeps by herself on the screened in porch.