Tuesday, October 31, 2006


October 31st-
Don't make fun of me. Yes, I have chickens, and rabbits, and yes i am knitting now, yes I live in Maine. It does not make me a hick, i still have all of my teeth.
Anyways, I knit a scarf for myself and then decided to learn how to make mittens for Tony. First attempt was too small and the seam was off. Second attempt came out pretty good though. Now I just need to make a second one to match it. I also got this purple merino mix but I dont know what to make yet. Maybe a hat but I need to get different needles to do that.

Here's the scarf and it's messy surroundings.

Better mitten, the seam is only a little crooked.

Don't know what to make, this is just practice.


October 30th-
My arm is healing up nicely. The nodes are still swollen and hard, but no where near what they were. I have been taking daily pics of the wound so that i can make a kind of flipbook slide show type thing showing it healing, like time lapse i guess. Is that normal?

I Don't Like Rabbits

October 28th-
I don't like rabbits, but these are not rabbits, they are little bunnydoggy things. They aren't so manic like those regular old, good for nothing but stew rabbits. No, my bunnydoggies are like little cuddly teddy bears that I will harvest fiber from. I got two angora rabbits from a very friendly and helpful lady name Betty Stover up at Spinnakees Farm. The boy is a little over a year old, pure german angora. He came named Hagrid II. Betty had just sheared him so his coat is short right now. The little girl is about 4 months, has no name yet, and is part german, part french. The french is where the color comes from. She is referred to as a fawn agouti.

chicken pooped a green one

October 28th-
Finally, a second hen has decided to lay. Apparently Jezebel has been laying for a few days, but not in the nest boxes in the coop. She had tucked herself into a corner outside the house and was laying there. Bodhi was outside and decided to pee right next to where she was, I think that is the only reason we saw her there. I actually watched her lay. Her eggs are a pretty sage green color. She is a cross breed referred to as an Easter Egger. It is a mix between Ameraucanas, which lay blue eggs, and a brown egg laying breed. So E.E. eggs can be green or blue.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Warning, Grossness

I'll type later

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Node Now

Here is right now, post surgery.


Here is a better picture showing how infected it was.

Spooning Kitty

the saga continues

October 24th -
Well we are reaching the one month mark of this swollen lymphnode business, so today I went into Maine Medical Hospital to have it cut open and drained. It was actually a lot more painful of a procedure than I think I was expecting. I took a couple codenes prior to it, but didn't think to bring more pills with me. The ride home became very uncomfortable. It was a strong , sharp burning sensation. Guess that could be attributed to the open laceration they left on my arm. It needs to be left open to continue to drain. Anyways, I am all drugged up now and feeling okay. Thought I would put up a few before photos. I will add more later.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

There is something wrong with me!

They told me I have mono.
Now they think there is something else wrong with me. All i know is there is an alien pod growing in my elbow and my armpit and if the damn doctors don't fix me soon, I will have a baby alien explode out of my arm.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The girls are now ladies.....or men

Well, we messed up a little I guess. Two of the girls are now roosters.Hey, at least I didn't think my kitten was a boy for 8 months only to find out it was a girl (eehm, Rachel) from the vet. Ambrosia (Tony named her, don't look at me) is still the only one laying, but she does it like clockwork. Buffy and Rose are our roosters, we may need some new names. T wants to kill Rose, but I won't let him. Not yet at least. He thinks we should change his name to Dinner. I stapled up some plastic on the windows and added more shavings to the floor to help keep the coop a little warmer this winter. Next step is creating some type of heater to keep their water dish from freezing. We also need to repair the roof of the coop, as there was some major leakage the other day in a heavy rain storm......thats up to Tony.

Tree meet house, House meet tree

We get some amazing storms and winds out here. I guess it has to do with are location being close to mt washington. Anyways, we had a crazy windstorm take down a large limb of one of the maple trees. it fell onto the back porch, but luckily didn't cause any damage to the house.. only a little damage was caused to Tony in his attempts to cut it down by himself.