Saturday, May 08, 2010


So I have been playing with my new camera a bunch and am finding out that I have lots to learn. I've had that canon point and shoot for over 4 years, and figured out the tricks to getting good photos with it. With my new Canon (xsi) there is much more to it. Sure I could take photos in auto setting and they come out good, but dslr cameras work a lot differently from point and shoots.
Regardless, I am improving and am thinking about taking a photography class this summer to help out. Here are a few photos I've liked.





Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Well it is finally spring around here. In fact the temperatures have been more like summer over the past week. We have had several days in the 70s and even a couple of day in the 80s. The gardens are still getting cleaned up and planted. Thanks to some help from my mom when she was up during April vacation the front flower garden is all weeded and has a few new additions in it.