Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spring Yet?

It be snow!

Shoveling is fun!

Valentine Blizzard

Yesterday was valentines day and maine was hit with a blizzard. Our first big snow of the year. I would say we got about 2 feet. Went snowshoeing in our woods earlier in the day... it's more of a workout than you would expect. Then i fell a couple times and an asscrack full of snow means its time to go inside. Notice the look of enjoyment upon my face.

Afterwards we braised a chuck roast which came out very well.

The boys shared their bed and stayed warm by the woodstove all day. This is their get out of our faces with that damn camera look.

Monday, February 12, 2007

She was raised by squirrels

Nora scooby dooby is a freak of nature. I think before we found her she lived as a squirrel with her adoptive squirrel parents. Anytime she is outside she runs up into the trees.
You have to look close or click on the photo to enlarge it, she up up about 40 feet.

Here she is in the crab apple or cherry or some kind of tree. She climbs up this one to knock the fruit off of the branches. Bodhi has learned from her and makes attempts to climb trees behind her, but can only drag his fatty ass up a couple of feet.

Fiber Stuff

I decided to knit a pair of mittens from Girl Bunny's fiber. For some reason I always knit stuff for myself to fit the exact size of my hand or head.... this proceeds to make everything a smidge too small. No matter how many times i think i am knitting extra rows, the outcome is alwyas the same. anyways here is the start of mitten one.

Fuzzy Buns

The bunnies have had their winter haricuts, finally. I think I should have done it sooner, but I didn't want them to get too cold when we were keeping them on the back porch. Girl bunny (she really needs a name) was first to go. She does very well during the process. I sit her on the ottoman in front of the tv and she will barely move. She looks like a different animal without her fur.

Hagrid's haricut was way overdue. He had a little bit of matting going on behind his ears and around his neck that took some work to cut out. Typically he is the more relaxed of the two, but he gets excited when i am clipping him and want to dig through the ottoman and explore the living room. When he is out to run around the sunroom he spends all of his time trying to find a way into girl bunny's cage. She bites out tufts of his fur through the wires (i don't know that that is so good for their relationship).
The plan is to make an attempt at breeding these two sometime next month. I need to do some more research so that I am ready when the babies are born. I think potentially we already have a couple people interested in buying one and god knows we could use the money. When I bought these guys Hagrid was $85 and Girl Bunny was $65 so it would be nice to recover some cash from them .

chilled chickens

Buffy is slowly healing up. It seems his comb may heal up just fine, but he is losing some of his waddle. It has just shriveled down to a smaller size. It doesn't help that we have been in a strong cold spell since this all started with him. Most nights and morning it has been in the single or negative digits. Days have gotten above 25 degrees in at least 2 or 3 weeks.
We feed him and the girls hot oatmeal in the mornings to help warm them up. I add eggs (with the shells, its their favorite part) and birdseed sometimes as well. Also a little flax seed oil in their water to help them get a good layer of fat but to also make our eggs more nutritious for us. They love to dig through the compost and will often leave their oatmeal breakfast to run to the compost pile.