Saturday, November 27, 2010

Month 3 {draft}

Sweet Cheeks-


Happy 3 months Elijah! Everyone kept telling me that 3 months was the magic number when babies get easier.... and I have to say they were right. We noticed the changes right around nine weeks when grandma came up to visit. You slowly stopped being so fussy at night. I think part of it is due to the fact that your digestive system is finally getting itself straightened out (your aren't so gassy anymore) and part was due to grandma helping figure out how to calm you down at night. Apparently you just wanted to be entertained. You would be crying your eyes out one minute only to have grandma put you in front of the mirror to stop crying immediately. We also learned to walk you around in the kitchen with all of the lights on.
You have gotten much better at car rides; you stay awake for a while and just stare out the window. We finally got a mirror put up that lets us check on you while we are driving (safely of course).

You laugh a lot now, mostly when we move around your arms or legs. Papa gives you high fives that make you crack up. You still talk a lot in the mornings and are now making a gah sound along with your others. Our 'conversations' are getting better too, you will go back and forth with us making noises.
While it seems awfully early to be teething you are drooling a ton and constantly want something in your mouth. Most of the time you have you hand shoved in there (something your thumb, but usually your pointer) or you grab our fingers and gnaw away. You also like chewing on wet washcloths and your giraffe teether.
Mama went back to work this month which has been really hard on her, but you seem to be adjusting fine. You have no problems taking a bottle anymore, although you really don't eat very much while I am gone. I like to think it's because you prefer me. You are much better at entertaining yourself now. We can set you in your swing or down on your playmat and you can be content on your own for 10 minutes at a time. You also love laying on the mat in the bathroom. You are able to grasp some of your toys now, so I think that helps keep you entertained.
You go to bed anywhere from 7:30-9:30 most nights. Mama usually goes to bed with you. We started putting you in your crib this month (instead of the pack and play). You would sleep there for a couple hours, wake up to nurse, and then refuse to let me put you back in the crib. You would be asleep in my arms but wake the minute you touched the mattress in your crib, so I would take you back to bed with me. Somehow, over the last couple weeks, I stopped putting you  in the crib all together. I think a lot of it is I love having you asleep next to me, especially since I miss you so much during the days when I am at work. Sure, you don't leave much room in the bed for me and papa, but it does make nursing you in the middle of the night easy. I have to force myself to start trying to get you back into your crib before it is too late though.
We didn't have any doctors appointments this month so I am not sure of your weight and length, but you sure are growing. You are out of 0-3 clothes and in 3-6 months. I having a feeling you are going to outgrow these way before 6 months too. be continued.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eli Laughs

Elijah has been laughing for a few weeks now, but papa's high fives get him going every time.