Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Add Mr. Liz to the list of the lost.
We can't say he is dead yet, but come a couple cool nights and it won't be looking good. He escaped his enclosure while enjoying a sunny afternoon outside over the weekend and we have not been able to find him. He never liked me, but I still feel kinda bad. Hope this is it for animal losses.

Uncle Thera

Cy , Biggie and Thera
Cy, Doobie, Biggie, Ty, Monkey and Thera
Thera is warming up to the babies. They love him. Bodhi on the other hand is a bad bad uncle.

In Bloom

Flowers are opening up all over the yard now. Here are just a few. The vegetable gardens are almost all planted. Still need to plant some more carrots out back and the tomatoes are going to have to wait a couple more weeks. I also receieved some watermelon seeds from a friend that I have yet to plant.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy 6 weeks!

The kittens turned 6 weeks in Monday. They are all eating wet food now and most of them are eating dry food too. They use the kitty litter and harass the boys (Bodhi and Thera). If it wasn't for them I think I would be much more down with all that has been going on lately. Here are some recent pictures of the little shits.

And then there was 4.

So long Buffy. Whatever took our 2 hens, killed our rooster, Buffy on Sunday. We woke up to find a pile of feathers in the yard and a trail of feathers that led into the woods and to his body. His neck was broke and torn open. It sucked, and has been a sucky couple of weeks. I wasn't going to post the picture of him dead because i didn't want to gross anyone out, but hey, its my blog and Ive decided to put it up. Maybe someone will see it and post a comment on what they think the predator may have been.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Even more bad news

Brought the subaru in to the dealer today...... it's gonna be another $1200. Called my insurance company.....they want to come look at it before I can do anything else. They will CALL me to tell me when they will be by to look at it in 2-3 BUSINESS days. And I have another migrane, shocker.

More Bad News

It's not just an alignment issue on my car. They were nice enough to tell me this after I paid $280 for them to FIX my alignment. The sterring wheel is straight now but I still can't drive my car for shit. The steering if all effed and it feels like the back end of the car is going to fishtale out from under me when i drive. So off to the dealer it goes today. Can you say cha-ching! Looks like I will have to fill an insurance claim after all.
I didn't get the Windham job. It took my boss 2 weeks to tell me and she told me in an email, and I quote, 'sorry for being so impersonal'. To sum it up she blamed it on my other boss, saying she was away on vacation or something and he made the decision to hire someone else while she wasnt there. But she said feel free to use the recommendation letter she wrote me in my appplications for another job. Gee, Thanks. Look what good it did me for this job.
Still no chickens and the kittens are learning to use a kitty litter box,,,, hence their is kitten shit on my rug now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad News....

Matilda and Rose are gone. We haven't seen either of them in a couple days. Its normal not to see them during the day when they are out free ranging, but they always come home to the coop at night and come to me when I feed them. Rose espically. She used to follow me around. The only signs we have seen are a few of Rose's feathers out by the pond (which is somewhere she never goes). No blood and not a ton of feathers. They may still be alive and just roosting in the trees, something may have chased them and they are in hiding, or they may be sitting on some eggs in the woods. I haven't given up on them yet, but if i dont see them in the next day or two it doesn't seem good. There was a hawk flying around last week, but i thought at the size our girls are that they would be safe.Rose was our best egg layer too.
(Rose in front)
(Matilda is the brown one)

Friday, May 11, 2007

About things.....

I have still not heard back about any full time teaching/ed tech positions for this fall, nor have i found a summer job. Frank called me today to tell me his neighbor sent in her resigination as a 7th grade science teacher in Gray, so I guess I will send out an application for that. My boss won't respond to my email in which I have asked her to let me know if they have hired someone for the position I interviewed for last week. Oxford Hills superintendent has not even picked up the applications for the study hall ed tech position yet and Poland has sent me letters to say that they received my applications but that is it.
It looks like my two bosses at aquatics are going to get sued for not having paid any money to the people they bought the businees from. A quarter of a million each plus the LLC is being sued as well.
My friend Dan or his company is being sued as well, for the incident last summer when a giant net reel fell off his truck and rolled over a fisherman.
Anyways,,,,, one of my service accounts cooked their tank during the heat wave we had..... so I spent part of today cleaning that mess up. I've also worked a couple of days doing the packaging and inventory for the people in Scarborough. It is an easy job, not something I would plan to do as work, but whatever works.
Tomorrow we have to drive out to Bath to fix a leaky sink at the apartment house. We need to sell that place, but with the way the market is now, we would probably have to take a loss to dump it.
I am tired and I have ANOTHER headache, but in good news it rained today which got everything blooming. Leaves are finally out on trees and my beans are poking out of the ground.

It Never Ends

Sooo...... I kinda broke my car today. Somehow I managed to bump into the metal poles that are at then end of the little islands at the gas station. I did it just right that my back tire kinda dragged along it and now my steering wheel is about 25 degrees tilted to the right when I am driving straight. I am hoping it is just the alignment and not an axel or something else that I cannot afford to fix. I shall find out tomorrow. Also in car news, I was driving home from work last week when from out of no where a sheet of that pink styrofoam insullation material came flying through the air just right to swipe my antenna off of my car. As if the radio reception out here wasn't bad enough already, now I get one station and it only comes in when my cell phone charger is not plugged in.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

80 Degrees!!

Today was espically hot out. It reached the mid 80's. I worked, and then I came home and took a nap, eventful, yes. I was able to get out and play in the gardens for a little while in the evening though.

The two flower gardens are pretty much weeded, as is the side vegetable garden. All that is left is the border flower garden and the vegetable garden back by the pond.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Growing Seedlings, Growing kittens, and Growing a Rash

The seedlings are doing well. So far the side vegetable garden has some onions or scallions (dunno, there were there when we moved in), rhubarb, snap peas, sugar peas, spinach, and a bean trio planted.
Indoors we have roma and beefsteak tomatoes, more peas, carrots, lettuce, lemon cucumbers, summer squash, sweet peas, lavender, flax, basil, potatoes, onions, and parseley.


peas &carrots

lettuce & cucumbers

onions, potatoes, parsely and flax

new sweet peas i am excited about

I started turning over the soil in the back garden (still no rototiller) and oh my! that dirt sucks and is packed full of roots. So, i will be pushing lots of wheelbarrow loads of my compost back there.

The kittens are growing fast. They are getting around really well, learning to run and pounce. There is lots of wrestling and some of them come running when you call them. Nora has moved them back downstairs and they move too much to get any good pictures. PLUS, my camera is a mass murderer when it comes batteries. I mean it eats two batteries every two days. I would say maybe about an hour at most of the camera being on and the batteries are dead. This can't be normal can it?????

lil doobie

Speaking of not being normal, this is my arm.

It happens almost every week and is a result of cleaning fish tanks. No matter what i do to avoid it, some coral always stings me, my arm swells up and itches, then the swelling goes away and I am left with these itchy scab-y rashes. Just another reason to get out of this business.

This is Where I Work.

WINDHAM: Student disabled with Taser during fight at high school
A Windham police officer temporarily disabled a Windham High School student with a shock from a Taser on Thursday as she fought with another female student.
Officer Smith, the school resource officer, was called to a hallway in the high school at 7:30 a.m. because two students were fighting. The two refused to stop and when he tried to separate the two, he was himself kicked, Sgt. Fulton said.
Smith decided against using pepper spray in the hall, which was full of students, and instead fired his Taser at Desiree while she was on top of her 16-year-old adversary.
Neither girl was hurt, Fulton said.
Both were charged with disorderly conduct. The 16-year-old was released to her parents and , 18, was taken to Cumberland County Jail, where she was freed on bail. The police report did not say what started the fight, Fulton said.