Thursday, February 07, 2008

Grey Days

I am still here. Just haven't really felt like posting. It has been snowing for days now and is supposed to continue on and off throughout the weekend. I am so sick of winter. I have been thinking about my gardens and planning what seeds to order. I still have so long to wait before I can do anything though.
We have had to pick up our mail at the post office for the last 3 weeks because we are unable to dig out our mailbox. The driveway is a mess, and continues getting narrower and narrower with every storm. The biggest problem is finding places to put all of the snow. All of the snowbanks are shoulder level or higher for me so soon it will be impossible for me to lift the shovel high enough. The worst part of these storms is that they are alternating between snow sleet and ice. This makes it so heavy. Last week it was impossible to clear the snow because there was a thick crust of ice across the surface.

I did my best to shovel off some of the roof to the chicken coop today. You can see it sagging from the inside and seeing as the chickens won't venture out in the snow, I am afraid the roof will collapse on them.

I am sick of posting boring snow pictures. Hopefully me posts will be a little more exciting next time.


Anonymous said...

I can understand being sick of the snow after a while, but it makes for beautiful photography.


Steven said...

I'm sick of winter and we're having 60 degree days down here in Manhattan!
Nice photos but yeah........I'd last one day of not being able to drive the Jag and then go completely postal. :-)