Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Bloom

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been really busy around here with end of the year stuff at work, getting the summer house I clean ready for the people who own it, taking my first graduate level course in special education, and getting the gardens all planted, among procrastinating about planning my wedding.
Anyways here are a few pics of what is in bloom and a bit of the side veggie garden.


Chris said...


The yard is looking good! Here is the nursery for finding great wholesale fruit trees-

Roaring Brook Nursery
639 Gardiner Rd
Wales, ME 04280
(207) 375-4884

Maggie's Farm said...

I love you flower pictures! And the chicks are soooo cute! I have a few chicks myself. Why are the pine boughs in the cage? Do they like the taste? Inquiring minds want to know...In the meantime I will go sit in front of the fan. 100 F. here in Central New York!