Friday, April 03, 2009

Tin Roof

It is absolutely pouring out tonight, and has been for most of the day. We still have about a foot of snow in some shady spots, but there are areas that have melted and mud season is in full effect.
Working at the hospital this weekend. I am tired. Will be sure to demand less hours from them next month. I can't keep doing 70 hours a week.
My class ends on Monday. I have a big paper to write and took the night off from the hospital to do so. Signed up for another course which begins April 14th. It is only a 3 week course which means it will probably be a pretty intense 3 weeks. Hopefully all of this hard work will pan out with the teaching job for summer school.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Cute little bunner! Try to get some rest. Eat chicken soup! It's good for the body and soul! (I hope Tony doesn't have to send another rooster to heaven, but you should have it!)