Sunday, May 03, 2009

Yard work

Busy weekend between working in the yard and working on final papers for my class that ends tomorrow. I finally started tearing apart the front flower garden, which I have never been too fond of. It was too big and too flat. I decided to build a little stone wall so that I could make one section higher than the other. I also shrunk it to half of its size. Still need to plant grass seed around it, and work on smoothing out the lower part of the garden. Then it is time to fill it in with more plants.



I am happy with it, it is certainly better than what was there before. I am sure it will look much better once it is filled with flowers too.


Maggie's Farm said...

Wow, you are a terrific landscape artist. I know how much work this kind of thing is. I am also planning a stone wall someday, but icky stuff like septic and insulation (compliance requirements) come first. Careful you don't hurt your back with those big rocks!

edifice rex said...

Hey, that's going to look really nice. nice work with the stones.