Saturday, June 06, 2009



Wish I had more time to post. Things are crazy around here. End of the year at school has the kids nuts....thank god we only have 2 weeks left. I will be teaching summer school this year so I have been busy designing my lesson plans. Also been writing lots of applications in hopes of getting a science teacher position for the fall. I hate the application process and some of the questions you are asked to write about.
Haven't had enough time at home to get all of the veggies planted yet. Tony did rototil the back garden, so it is ready. Flowers are starting to bloom..... the iris are almost ready. Need to do a lot of weeding and fill in the bare spots.
The Subaru is broken down once again, so I need to figure out what is next for it. The fox killed 7 of our chickens and one of my angoras died unexplainably last week. Bummers.
I need to get ready to head to work at the hospital.....wish I could play outside instead.

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Maggie's Farm said...

What gorgeous pictures. I love the kitty on the rocks. Good luck to you. I hated the applications, too. And the interviews are torture. I went into education later in life and got tenure at the ripe old age of 50 something. Then I went and bought a farm in the middle of nowhere. The second miracle is that I think I will get tenure again. All this to say, you are young, smart and beautiful. The sky is the limit! You will do it, I have faith in you!