Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 days

I have every intention to put together a real interesting one with lots of updates and pictures. However, I kept getting held up. Camera batteries are dead. Computer is not working right. A lot of it is just me being lazy. I am sooo tired again and find myself falling asleep on the couch everday after lunch. I am bored and anxious waiting on this little guys arrival. As happy as I am that summer school is over, its seems that my days are dragging on and on while I wait. I am too uncomfortable to leave the house very often, so most of the time I lay on the couch and crochet, read blogs, watch tv, or sleep.
Need to upload belly pics to my laptop so I can post another slideshow. The belly is huge.

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Anonymous said...

Lazy is good now, because you're going to be very busy, very soon. :) Love, Mama