Monday, December 27, 2010

Month 4 (Draft)

Happy 4 months Baby Boy!!

We welcomed today with our first blizzard of the year. Mama kept you inside all day, but maybe tomorrow we will bring you outside to check out the snow. You sure were interested in it when we looked out the windows.

You have become so much more aware of your surroundings this month. You will follow mama or papa around the room with you eyes when we walk by and look for us when you hear our voices. I've caught you watching our kitties a few times too.

We have started getting you some new toys, as you are really getting interested in them. Bright colors and things that make noise really get you attention. You are doing a great job holding things now and will even reach out to grab something. Everything you get a hold of goes into you mouth...this includes you toys, towels, other peoples fingers and clothing.

Teething is in full force and is making you a little cranky at times. You chew hard on our fingers and drool enough to soak your clothes. Mama and Papa's clothes are usually covered in wet spots when we are done holding you as well. You love it when we lay down and lift you up over our heads, but we have learned we have to dodge you drool bombs that come falling down at us.

You talk a ton now and mix all you different sounds together to form longer "words". Oouu-gee-ohh is a common one was well as Ahh-ooh-gaa. You make raspberries and lots of gurgling sounds and have just recently learned how to yell. Since figuring that one out to seem to have lots to yell about... it's pretty funny. Your giggling is turning into more of a laugh... it melts my heart every time I hear it. You smile all the time and sometimes (usually if you just woke up) you will give us flirty smiles where you smile and then turn your face away and hide it.

Elijah you are getting so big and really starting to look like an 'older' baby. You lost a lot of you baby hair this past month and had a bald patch in the front and a bald line around the back of your head. It is growing in now, but you have much less hair now compared to when you were born. I'm not sure how much you weight now. We were supposed to go to the doctors today, but had to reschedule because of the snow storm.

We celebrated your first Christmas this month..............................

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