Thursday, January 27, 2011

Month 5 (draft)

  Happy birthday my sweet baby boy. I don't even know where to begin this month... you have been busy. 2010 ended with a visit from your Grandma and Grandpa. We celebrated a belated Christmas with them and boy did they ( and the rest of our family) spoil you. You did great opening your presents with help from Mama and Papa; examining each and every new toy you got carefully.

You received a little red sled from your grandparents and have used it several times this month. Papa gets you all bundled up and takes you cruising around our yard....through the woods and around the pond. I wasn't sure how you would do because you didn't like the cold weather when we got our Christmas tree, but you seem to be quite content sliding around in there. 


IMG_4196Mama and Papa got you a new tub called the Tummy Tub. As silly as it looks, it's actually pretty neat. They say it mimics being back in the womb and you stay warmer longer in there too.
Your hair is finally filling back in this month ( while mama's is doing quite the opposite). It is a mix of short hair and some much longer hair on the top. Most of the time this long hair sticks straight up, leaving you a little goofy looking. Papa keeps threatening to give you a hair cut, but I won't let him.
You really discovered your voice this past month and have learned that you can yell. At times you screech like a crazy  banshee and other times you seem to be doing it to watch our reactions. For a few weeks you would 'talk' real loud when you were tired. We would hold you on our shoulder, swaying you to sleep, all the while going deaf with your yelling in our ears. You also mastered blowing raspberries this month. Sometimes they are loaded with spit and you spray our faces as well as your own. 
Around 17 weeks you figured out how to roll from your belly to your back. I think you are quite proud of this fact, as you weren't always a big fan of being stuck on your belly. About a week after that you discovered your feet. Now you grab them all the time and stick them in your mouth. If you have socks on those will get pulled off in a hurry.



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he gets more handsome every month