Thursday, October 27, 2011

Month 14 (draft)

October (month 14) was a busy one for us.
                                                                                                           We started the month out with a trip to Fryeburg Fair.You quietly took it all in and seemed to enjoy looking at all of the animals. You saw pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, and bunnies. We didn't make it into the alpaca and llama barn unfortunately. Papa wanted to watch some of the woodsman day activities so Mama put you in your stroller and pushed you around until you finally fell asleep. 

The following weekend Grandma came up to visit. With Halloween fast approaching we planned a trip to Pumpkinland. It was a gorgeous (although hot) day. You did a lot of walking (still with a little support) and got to check out more animals. You and Grandma even fed the sheep. You had a grand ol time playing in the sand in the parking lot. We picked out a pumpkin, made you pose for some pictures, and headed home.

Pumpkin Land

 You have finally started to really adjust to daycare. You are much better about not crying when Papa drops you off or when Mama shows up to pick you up. You seem to be bonding with two of the girls that work there (Lindsey and Cassie), so that helps. All of the other kids there are kind of obsessed with you. For the most part they are all older than you but they are constantly getting in you face and telling each other that they are 'your best friend' (didn't think that business started so early). You do pretty well putting up with it but are sure to let them know when you have had enough. The staff there taught you how to blow a kiss (so cute).
"Don't you make me mad" face!
Plumbers crack.

You are making other animal noises now (besides just meow). You moo and roar. You are also saying toast.... which is your favorite breakfast at the moment. You like to help get the bread and put it in the toaster. You also help get out the jelly and butter. 

Family Portrait- October 2011

Still loves his kitties... and they tolerate it.

First snow of the year.... not impressed.

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