Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bite Me

We've barely been getting any eggs for several weeks now. I figured it was because Ambrosia was broody (they stop laying eggs when they are broody) and thought maybe it was a stress issue causing the other two not to lay (aka-all of their friends are being killed off). Well, I found out otherwise today. Jeze was out behind the coop so when i went to investigate I found she was sitting on some eggs. 20 eggs to be precise. Soo..... we found our missing eggs. I moved them all into the coop in hopes that they will go back to laying in there. Some of the eggs are whiety's. She decided to sit on them once back in the coop and when i went to move them over into a different nest box, she wasn't having it and deicided to bite me. Little bitch.

Tony and I did a bunch of yard work today. Mowed the lawn and back by the pond, planted the tomatoes and basil, did some weeding, and went swimming in the pond. We also went in search of growing media for our upcoming attempt at hydroponics (and no, we're not growing weed) but didn't have any luck finding the right stuff out here. Tony took out his bow and did some target practice, he's hardly shot it at all since we've been here.

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Steven said...

Haha what a little bitch! That must have been quite the scene. Hahaha farm animals, that's so cute. How are the eggs? Tasty??
So since your chickens are being eaten by wild life, are you two going to raise any new chickens? Are you able to do that?

Looking good Tony, those deer betta WATCH OUT!!