Saturday, June 30, 2007

I know people...

So.. its been a little while since i last posted. sorry. things have been busy here. between renovation projects on the home front, job interviews, doing rich peoples laundry, neutering one cat and getting shots for 5 kittens, picking my nose, and work, i just haven't had the time nor the gusto to post. Not saying I do now either though.
Where to start???
I guess renovations on the home front. Now besides the half painted ceiling that I started last summer, you can add these other unfinished projects to the list.
1)The kitchen area wall is almost all painted, it is partially molded? (however you refer to it having some baseboard and door frame stuff up, there shouldn't be any mold left cause i probably painted over it!), and still need outlet covers.

2)The haneous bathroom wall dutch doorway shit to the washing machine was half ripped down months ago. I finally had enough and found some 1980 folding door crap in our garage and decided it was better than the 2x4's that were currently there. So i installed the door and put up dry wall around it. all that is left now is a little bit of molding (once again not that rotting mold stuff, although i didn't use greenboard so we can expect that in a few months!) In the process of my being toolbelt diva (i hate that show almost as much as i hate all 14 of rachel rays shows) i stepped down off a bucket that i was using as a ladder and right onto the big rusty crowbar, gouging a large chunk out of the bottom of my big toe. An no i didnt have the time or money to go get a tetanus shot and its been a week and there is still no red line running up my leg so i am all good.

3)Our living that was the previous owners bedroom had a big closet in it that just doesnt fit with the living room motiff we are going for. So tony ripped that down. Now we have to patch the missing dry wall area, figure out some fix for where they cut into the logs to put 2x4s and deal with the missing sections of the nasty carpet (aka one giant kitty litter box to the kittens).

Nora had her surgery yesterday and is home today. She is confined to the living and will be a new cat once we start letting her go outside again in a week. She has been miserable. We brought in all 5 babies for their shot and i think my arms may be permanently from the 2 bosy trying to escape the cardboard paper file box we brought them to the vet in. The vet said they are all very healthy and they weights were a testament to that. Poor mama Nora weighed just over 5 pounds and all of the kittens weighed over 3 pounds, with Cy being the biggest.

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Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that you need to change your blog name to "Blood, sweat and tears"!!