Friday, November 16, 2007

Orange you glad your waters clear

Our water turned super orange on Wednesday. I am talking rusty Sunkist soda orange. Thick orange. And our water pressure went caca ( is caca spelled caca or kaka?).So...... I cut a hole in the wall in our newly painted bathroom so that i could get to the water tank. Unfortuantely the way our washer and dryer are set in and the way I built that wall, this was the only means to getting to the bottom of the tank. In came the hose and after both myself and tony draining the tank a couple times, our water seems to be mostly back to normal. There was some floaty crud and sediment in out faucet filters so I am hoping that some of the stuff in the bottom of the tank just got stirred up and the problem is solved.
Sorry no pics of the water when it was nuclear orange. I was in a state of panic and didn;t think to take a pic. O, and that hole in the wall is now even bigger.

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