Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Earl's Apartment

My blog has not been allowing me to post pics for days now. I've decided to try again though.

Here is Earl's booze collection. He did not drink a drop though, just bought a bottle everytime he went to the grocery store.
I stacked those Dalwhinnie's in the window to count them. I think there was close to 40. There are also about 40 bottles of Moet, and 40 bottles of Remy Martin. Then there are about 60 other assorted bottles.

Just SOME of Earl's papers.
We have been emptying his place of the valuables (in case anyone missed it, his wife and daughter told us to keep everything in the place) and piling them up here. We plan to sell as much as we can on ebay or anywhere else. This is what our house is looking like now since it has become a warehouse. The piles of dusty mess include, Viking cookware, emile henry ceramics, Denby ceramics. Waterford crystal, Booze, Linhof camera and equipment, Rollei camera and equipment, Rollei projector, Lintz and Zeiss binoculars, Orvis clothing (new), LLBean clothing (new), tons of books, and oh so much dust.

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