Saturday, March 01, 2008

The weight of it all

Yes, it is snowing. We are supposed to get another foot today. That should push this winter's total accumulations to 11' for us. It is insane. The state is running out of salt for the roads and Portland is talking about buying some million dollar snow melting machine. There is just nowhere to put this much snow.

Our latest snow damage (after the collapse of the chicken run and the snow damn/leaks on the house) is a collapsed roof off the back of the garage. Luckily it is not the garage roof, just a small storage area with open sides. I was nervous because the oil tank to the garage is covered by that roof, but if fell just right, sparing the oil tank by mere inches. We were also lucky that there was no major damage to the attachement points on the garage.

I shoveled the chicken coops roof again, for fearing of that collapsing on our girls. The coop is completely buried by the snow, so much so that it is a struggle for us to open the side door to give them food and water. I guess on the plus side of it being buried, it is staying a little warmer on the interior for them.

I think by the end of the day today, the majority of the windows in the house will be completely blocked by the snow. How depressing.

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Steven said...

Ummm that's a little insane.

I'll stick with NYC roads, thanks ;)