Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We watched the inauguration in the classroom at school today. The kids were bored out of their minds... constantly asking, "Is it almost over?". Of our 5 kids watching it, 2 of them had their heads down on their desks the majority of the time, one of them was drawing, and another one was biting his stuffed animal and shaking it around. (For those who don't know I work in a classroom of kids with emotional/behavioral disabilities, ages 11-14). I gave our rabid dog biter some silly putty to quiet him down.... it seemed to work for a while. After Obama was sworn in, there was a poem read..... one of the kids asked if it was about Fat Albert!! We couldn't figure that one out. Regardless it will make for an interesting story for me to recall about our country's history.


Anonymous said...

We watched at school today too, the difference was my students are all college students who were pretty invested in the process (the Rs did not come to watch). It was great.

Been looking at your blog, sounds like you are making lots of process on many goals. I must say I have serious bathroom envy -- ours is currently gross. No, actually it's really gross.

And on another final odd note, I currently live not too far from Bath, and grew up in West Paris, going to SAD 17. We swapped places!
Ali at Henbogle

Anonymous said...

Arghh. That should read progress, not process.