Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Don't Like Rabbits

October 28th-
I don't like rabbits, but these are not rabbits, they are little bunnydoggy things. They aren't so manic like those regular old, good for nothing but stew rabbits. No, my bunnydoggies are like little cuddly teddy bears that I will harvest fiber from. I got two angora rabbits from a very friendly and helpful lady name Betty Stover up at Spinnakees Farm. The boy is a little over a year old, pure german angora. He came named Hagrid II. Betty had just sheared him so his coat is short right now. The little girl is about 4 months, has no name yet, and is part german, part french. The french is where the color comes from. She is referred to as a fawn agouti.

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