Monday, October 16, 2006

The girls are now ladies.....or men

Well, we messed up a little I guess. Two of the girls are now roosters.Hey, at least I didn't think my kitten was a boy for 8 months only to find out it was a girl (eehm, Rachel) from the vet. Ambrosia (Tony named her, don't look at me) is still the only one laying, but she does it like clockwork. Buffy and Rose are our roosters, we may need some new names. T wants to kill Rose, but I won't let him. Not yet at least. He thinks we should change his name to Dinner. I stapled up some plastic on the windows and added more shavings to the floor to help keep the coop a little warmer this winter. Next step is creating some type of heater to keep their water dish from freezing. We also need to repair the roof of the coop, as there was some major leakage the other day in a heavy rain storm......thats up to Tony.

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