Monday, November 13, 2006


Tony has begun some projects around the house. Several projects have been started in fact, none of which has been finished yet (wait I lied, the outlet is finished)........ but they will be finished sometime. I have taken photos to document the projects, and the progress of maaking our home ours; in which we are making it a giant mess.
This is the old kitchen light and the exposed wires that were there for the last week or so. T has installed some recessed lights, but now there are a bunch of holes in the ceiling. Pics of the recessed lights will come later.

This is the front room. Again a missing light, thats a recessed light hanging there, we are debating if it is going to stay there (installed that is) or not. The unfinished paint job is my doing.

Here is our dishwasher. There was a piece of facade holding it in, but that piece was loose and sometimes would get in the way of the door. Tony fixed it by ripping it off. Then the dishwasher decided to fall forward when it was opened. So Tony fixed it by ripping off the back of the cabinet. I don't know whats next.

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