Monday, November 06, 2006

On the me front

On the Node Front-
Well today should be the day I get my blood tests back. These are the ones that tested me for cat scratch fever, rabbit fever (nothing having to do with my doggie bunnies so shut up), and toxoplasmosis ghandi ( not the good ghandi either). I starting to bank on all negative results which will leave me even more frustruated. I have been researching fish handlers disease, mycobacterium, and may request a Tuberculosis (and no its not really TB)test to see if that is possible. Then at least I would have a great excuse to get out of the damn fish business world all togther......which speaking of........
On the Store Front-

I sold the contents of my store to Aquatics back in September, so why the f is my store still loaded with shit of theirs. I am poor and have no money to pay rent for you Aquatics, so show me the money on lets get to stepping (eh,,, word yo?). The place is seriously messier and more packed now than when it was a functioning store. Here are some pics of it just before it's final days. I will post some current pics soon, seeing as I have to go there 2-3 times a week still, ugh.

On the Get Your Ass to Work and Go to School and Get a Real Job Front-
I go through the job listings every day at . I print out the ones I want to apply for, most ed tech positions for now. But it all comes down to letters of reference or reccommendation or whatever the hell they are. I need 3 of them and I can't find 3 people to do it. Do i suck that bad that i don't know anyone to write a letter to reccommend me. No one will even lie and just tyoe it up. I have 2 from past teachers, but they are specific to a marine biology position that I had planned on applying for back in August. So someone help me out here. I also need to send my offical transcript and Praxis exam results to the Dept of Ed so that they can tell me what classes I need to take. But I need $150 beans to do it. I am trying my best to scrape up that money this week, cause I fear if i don't do it soon, I won;t get any infor back in time for spring semester. Everything costs money and I have none. My medical bills are creeping up close to $1500 now, I have lawyer bills from my first hellride of a business, school loans for life, credit card debt that makes me angry, and lets not forget parental loans (hi dad, that moneys coming soon). So you see, I just need a job.


Anonymous said...

So what are the results? Steveo

Anonymous said...

Results in yet?