Friday, November 17, 2006


My computer is on vacation for little while. It is with my accountant, Frank. He is finishing our taxes. Yes, 2005 taxes. Yes it is November. Don't ask...... just know it okay, something about extensions (yes, those end in august), and not owing money so it not mattering. Whatever, as long as they get finished, it's just one last reminder of port city reef's crapola. Speaking of, I think i saw that dumb bitch the other day looking even more manish then ever.
There probably won't be any pics for a while, again because i am laptop less.
I got my blood tests back and the results are meaningless. Something about antibodies present but not enough to say positive or negative to cat scratch fever. The total damage of this 7 week debacle was about $1000.00 and the damn state of Maine denied me for maine care coverage. Fuckers.
My engine light came on a couple days ago. Who knows why, and who knows when i will have the money to find out why.
Bunnydoggie thingies poop a lot. I mean ALOT.
We need to try to talk our friends into feeding the menagerie while we are in ct for thanksgiving.
i want to see dead people plasticized on the way back to maine.
I am going to make lentil soup.
I think i see dead, but maybe. I am really freaked out by this so i haven't posted but there are orbs in one of my picture outside here, and i see things out of the corner of my eye often, and feel things, and lights flicker, .......ummm ya. Anyways.
My grandma turned 95 the other day. I wonder if she even knew it.
November is always a shitty month.

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