Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa.I need a Job.

It's a rainy dreary Saturday morning here so I am thinking about going into work for a few hours at Aquatics.I am pretty sure that I have decided to kaput the aquarium service company. I am hoping that Bill at Aquatics will take over some of the accounts, in the past they had said they would do that and pay me a fee every month that they still do the account. I am sick of the long commute to get to these tanks and I am more so sick of the constant stress and worry I feel about some of them. The problem is I have become friends with all of my customers and I feel somewhat indebted to them and the money I make doing this is pretty good. But the decision at the moment is come the end of the summer I am done. The first two to go will be the residential tank on the wharf and Saporros restaurant. I enjoy doing Scaraborough and Pownal biweekly, and I have an account in Saco that I do per diem as well as an account in Poland per diem. But those two may go. My business insurance runs out in October and I am not going to renew so that will be then end I guess. I also put my own tank up for sale.
mine, poland, wharf, sorry crappy phone photos.

Meanwhile I have been looking for a summer job seeing as my job at the school ends at the end of May (oh,by the way I have an interview next Tuesday about going full time next year at Windham). I applied to this job in Bridgton which is only about 15 minutes away. And I just saw this listing last night and got really excited about it and applied. The deckhand job is in Portland though, about an hour away, but to get back on a boat, i think i would do it. I am also going to be working part time for one of my service accounts who own a retail store in the old port and this. They need help tracking inventory and shipping packages for own line orders.........not exactly the type of job I am looking for, but the owners are good friends of mine so I am happy to help them.

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