Friday, April 27, 2007

Free Healthcare Sucks

I spent 6 hours at First Care Emergency room yesterday. I have had a headache for 2 weeks accompanied by eye pain, floaters in my right eye, and ear pain. Two days ago my vision in my right eye started to be horrible and i felt like major kaka, so I went into get checked out yesterday. It took 6 hours. They freaked me out like I had a tumor or something, gave me blood tests, urine tests, and CAT scans and then made me wait in my room made of curtains. Curtains do not block the sounds of your neighboring rooms like real walls might. I got to lister as the doctor told my old man neighbor that he was going to be given a rectal exam, and I was there to hear him say, bring your knees up a little further. I got to lay in that damn bed with my head feeling like it was going to explode from pain as a little girl that got her hand caught in a treadmill screamed. I heard the guy talk about how something fell on his head and he lost feeling in his arms. Then as I was waiting for my CAT scan, I got to talk to a really nice woman who had just had a historectomy cause they thought she had cancer, which it wasn't and she was all set to go home, then got really sick and now they think they might have abrupted her intestines or colon. And i got to sit with her as the nurse tortured her trying to get an iv in her arm. Anyways, i dont have a tumor, its just migranes

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e4 said...

Wow, that does suck.

Headaches are miserable enough without the added festivities...

Which level of Hell was that again?