Monday, January 14, 2008


It's snowing, AGAIN. Just when the snow was really starting to melt.... Yesterday I was able to go for a walk out back to the pond. There was still a bunch of snow on the ground but ice had formed a crust so that I was able to walk on the surface of it. The chicks (i guess they're chickens now) even came out of the coop. I'm leaning towards Roy and Henrietta for these two cause i am a dork and can give my chickens cool names like that if i want to.

It is only noon and I would say we have 8-10 inches on the ground already. I have been trying to keep up with it in the driveway and my arms will fall off if i have to pick up the shovel one more time. Next xmas, I am asking for a snowblower (i'll take a plow truck instead if anyone is feeling generous!). Here are some pictures from today. I love this first picture but it is ruined by the despised satellite dish that I will be tying to my bumper and dragging away this summer.
I finally got a pair of carhartt coveralls. Kids, size large. They came in handy today though.


Anonymous said... are truly a farmer now.
Heee haw!!

Love, your mother

Maggie's Farm said...

I'm saving up for a pair of quilted Carharts - great for kneeling down on the barn floor with newborn lambs.

Cousin Steven in NYC said...

I like the carhartt duck jackets! I think they look beautiful........I don't farm or anything but they are nice and on the more expensive side. I may buy a black one!! :)