Saturday, January 05, 2008


We got buried by snow over the last week. Two storms dumped close to another 15" on top of what we already had (which was probably almost 2'). If I were to walk in it I would probably be up to my hips. School was delayed for 2 hours on Wednesday which made coming back to work after vacation a litttle easier, but it was still a verrrry long work week. Besdies all of the kids at school being out of their minds and still strung out from vacation I have been working long hours after school. Half of my afternoons have been spent cleaning the vacation home that I help with and the other half has been spent helping an old service accoutn consolidate 2 aquariums into one 125 gallon aquarium. Wednesday and Friday I left the house for work at 6:45am and didnt get home until close to 10pm. I am tired but really need this extra money. Espically since I already spent half of it on Nora's vet bill from this little excursion. Turns out she broke of 2 teeth and they had to be extracted for a pretty little penny. Now for the next 4 days I get for battle with her to give her meds 3 times a day. As if I have time to do that.

That is the picnic table on the left hand side of the picture below.


Maggie's Farm said...

Thanks for the snow pix...makes our winter in Central New York look like a picnic so far. I know you must be exhausted - this is the time of year when we yearn to crawl into our caves and sleep, but have to keep going to survive. Good luck with everything, you are a hard working girl with many admirable qualities!

Steven said...

Yay New York, but I'll stay in the city when I see photos like this!! :)
I wouldn't even be able to FIND the Jag in that much snow!