Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thawing out!

It's starting. Finally, but slowly the snow is beginning to melt. The chickens were out of the coop today. Our 3 hens and 2 roos. Yup, it's officially decided that the 2 chicks we hatched last summer are both roosters. Bummer, but we did just order some new chicks at the farmers union. 6 more hens on the way and 2 guinea hens. They should arrive in about a month.

The pond is starting to melt along it edges, but the snow everywhere else is still about 2 feet deep. For a while we could walk on the surface of it, but when you sank through you would be up to your knees.

The picture above is the top of our picnic table. I am standing on top of the snow next to it.

I finally gave my girl bunny a hair cut. Her fur was the longest I have ever let it get. I normally don't let it go so long and am lucky i did it when i did, because she was just about to start matting up underneath.


Fenridal said...


Fenrisar said...

See please here

Anonymous said...

SPAM (or for bloggers, "BLAM")on your blog now??!! What pains in the arse.


Anonymous said...

I see that you are getting guineas. They will eat all your ticks but you will need more than two to get rid of all your ticks. I have 6 of them here in Poland for that reason.


Steven said...

WOW crazy ! :) That is so much snow.....glad it's thawing out. You should have green lawns with all that water right?!

And OMG spam now on the Blogs? AGH our society AGH!


Ditaur said...

Attention! See Please Here