Saturday, April 26, 2008

We shall call him Stew.

I think T is going to kill one of the roosters. They are so brutal with our poor hens, so bad in fact the Whitey has run away from home. The two roos gang up on her all day long. They have plucked all of the feathers off of her back and it got to the point that she either couldn't or wouldn't stand up after they were done with her. I saw the last attack happen and eventually, after she did get up she bolted into the woods towards the pipeline. 3 days passed and I figured she had died. Then one morning, when I was walking in the woods with Nora, Whitey came running over to us. She followed me to the yard and ate for a solid 5 minutes. I had to run into the house for a minute and when I came back, she was gone again. She has been living in the woods for about 5 days now, probably roosting in a tree at night. Somehow avoiding any predators. Today we talked about killing off one of the roosters and then trying to get her back into the coop. I am warming up to the idea, but not ready to do it quite yet. Something is going to have to be done before our new chicks arrive.

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