Thursday, March 08, 2007

4 Jobs?

Sooooo..... I think I am about to have another job interview. While I have been looking for another job, this one was kind of just on a whim. I filled out an online application and wasn't really expecting to hear back, but i did, and the manager sounds quite interested in having me work there. It is at Mercy Hospital , and yes that is in Portland. So therein lies the problem. This might be a really interesting job and I can probably get benefits, but this will be another hour in, hour out commute. Oh well, I am still going to set up an interview. If I can get the right hours and benfits, I think I will do it. They have lots of benefits including free medical services, medical insurance, dental, eyecare, retirement, tuition reimbursement, and a few others. The position I applied for is a phlebotomy position, but the message I got was 'I have a position that I think you would really like', and 'I think we can help you further your career with your biology degree', so we'll see. Bu then again, it could be a job diagnosing poop samples. Hmmm.

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