Friday, March 30, 2007


Holy taco sauce, yes, I am once again typing my blog entries on my laptop. This can only mean one thing, my taxes are done. Finally! Five months later, all of my taxes are filed and I have my computer back.
I plan on adding new posts and pictures this weekend, the snow is almost all melted, nora hasn't pooped any babies yet, the mercy hospital thing fell through, I got a new tutoring position, went down to CT for my grandmothers funeral, one of the chickens went broody, and I have another headache. Oh, and most exciting of all, I ate macaroni and cheese last week!

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Steven said...

Ahhh yes taxes.
I realized I never filed last year in NJ.....I didn't know I had to file NJ even though I made no money in this state. Oh well, it's all good. I had my tax people take care of it, he's very good.
YAY and scored me some more money back from last year with doing some adjustments and this years is DONE!
Moving to New York in rid of NJ once and for all!!!

Glad you have your laptop back!