Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have a headache.

Woke up this mornig with a throbbing headeache, was assigned several chores by Tony as I was still asleep and he was heading off to work. I am struggling to remember what they all are but recall him saying thats the most yeses hes gotten out of me in a while. So i guess i better do them. Please hold. Need more coffee.

Its effing freezing again. We are just about to be out of wood for the umpteenth time. Hopefulle these are the last of the cold days for this year. The poor chickens are locked in the coop right now. Wind chills yesterday were -20 yet they all decided to stay outdoors. Today is a little less windy, so I may let them out when I go out to feed them and dethaw their water.

I worked a full day of inschool yesterday instead of my regular half day. It was sooo boring the one room all day with 7 little asses, i was ready to scratch my eyeballs out. Normally I just do the academic portion, someone else does the reflection portion, and the school police officer does the community service portion. For some reason they had me do all of them yesterday. The reflection portion was espically difficult for me to do. The students answer questions as to why they are in inschool and how their behaviors affect them and other people, etc.... The I sit with them one by one and review them. Out of the 50 or so kids I have had in my classroom, only about 3 or 4 have been placed in inschool for something really 'bad'. The rest were either late to school 3 times, missed a class, unexcused absence, missed a detention, etc. The school overuses inschool I am finding. I have had one girl 4 times straight now. This tells me that assigning her an inschool is not reforming her. Anyway, im bored with talking about work. Oh, but i did get mistaken for a student again yesterday (that #3). Dem Bastards!

The money saga contines. Wait, do you feel that? That sinking feeling? Yes, that is us going under. T got the water/sewer bills for the apartment house. Usually water is about $150, sewer is about $100. These bills come in 3 month increments. This time water was $800 and sewer was $400. So we owe the city of bath $1200 this month. Oh, and the furnaces needed to have some repairs a couple of weeks ago at the tune of $500. O.H.S.H.I.T. Don't ask me why the water bill is so high. T had someone from the city go recheck the meter and sure enough the reading was correct. An the guy said the meter is spinning like mad still. So something must be runnning somewhere. The only thing I can think of is that good old earlimester (the rotting 80 year old deaf tenant who used to yell and me through the walls) maybe has the water running to keep pipes from freezing?? The whole idea of he died in the shower with the water running and no one has found him yet was proved false because we recently recieved yet more good financial news in a letter from him. Aparently he has run out of checks and needs to get a ride into town to go to his bank. He expects do have it done within a week and will then send us his rent check. Let me clarifyy this matter. #1 He is deaf. #2 He has no phone. #3 He has no car. #4 He has no family. Therefore I dont know how he expects this to happen.

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