Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Reason We're Poor

I've taken to entering all of our income and expenses into an Excel spreadsheet so that we can look at our situation in graph form and gasp in horror.
In January alone we spent $419.56 in groceries . We are two people. Two none gluttonous people.... or so I thought.
I or we have decided that this is way too much so the new plan I have devised is as follows. Every 2 weeks I will construct a meal plan, list all the necessary ingredients, form a shopping list, and stick by the list. So thats it. No more twice a week visits to Hannafords. Two visits a month and i must only buy what is on the list. We'll see how long this lasts.

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Steven said...

Gurrrl I hear ya! I don't look at my Whole Foods grocery bills...but really they're only high if I buy my organic coffee beans at $13.99 or my organic syrup at $11.99 or my organic kitchen breasts for $5.99 or organic skim milk at $6 a gallon or my two pork chops for $7.99 or my pound of Black Forest Ham at $8.99 a pound.
Gurrrrl I hear ya! ;)

xoxoxo if you come to NY MY TREAT!!!