Friday, August 17, 2007


.....more pickling. I haven't tasted these yet, but i made 2 new batches of regular pickles tonight. I also had my first go at making jam. Blackberry jam. Its a small batch, and is a little sweet, but i think all in all it came out well. Next i am thinking about making some mint jelly just to use some of the thousands of mint plants we have. I don't think i like mint jelly though. eh.... whatever. the shower is grouted but i haven't taken any good pictures yet, but thank god we can bathe again. Tomorrow the plan is to fix the shower head, replace the ceiling over the shower, put up green board on the lower half of the walls, and apply some primer if we are lucky. The floors aren't going down for another week or two as we forgot to buy the sensor to install on the Suntouch radiant heat mat and the tile saw we had rented last weekend wasn't big enough to cut these 16" tiles.

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