Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Papa Roo

We are taking care of our friends animals while they are away in South Korea. Here is their Rooster, Blue, who is the papa to our baby chicks. He is a very pretty bird and is super docile for a rooster.

They have a lot more birds than us, including a few turkeys and several soon to be butchered broilers. The broilers are nasty looking fat squat birds. Often times they will get so fat that they are unable to walk. Makes me not want to eat chicken just thinking about it.

Their house is also home to one of our kittens, Doobie. She has a new sister cat here as well as a new brother doggy.
Here's Doobie say hi to me ( or maybe she was saying just give me a treat woman)
Here is her new big sister Mazey.

The view from their house is great and in the winter there are excellent views of Mt. Washington. (that's Crystal Lake)

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